About my Tutorial DVDs – learn to paint

How to paint pictures to sell
Learn to Paint from a Master Painter with a lifetime of experience.
I have sold countless paintings and taught thousands of people how to paint.

Do you wish to paint beautiful pictures that sell?
 I have many hours of tutorial DVDs available to you.

 I can teach you to paint a picture like this

or this

or this

or this – and more

 Even if you have painted for years you will need to start from the beginning and train yourself to work like a pro.

Paint pictures that sell – start with small simple scenes, simple colors and soon you will be painting with confidence.
It is not a gift, it is an acquired skill, a matter of learning how and then practicing the skill. Once you learn the skill then you can paint how and whatever you wish.

I will teach you skills that you will not learn at expensive art institutions. These skills I have taught to children whom now can make hundreds of dollars a day pocket money by painting landscapes for tourists.

So! What is my recipe?
Arrangement, Color, Tones and knowing how to
try a few free lessons
 see DVDs here  www.lenhend.com/products-page/

 May 6th. 2011    SpeedPainting 1 and 2 are now in high quality wide screen and on 4 – 1 hour discs

3 Responses to About my Tutorial DVDs – learn to paint

  1. John Warner says:

    G’day Len,
    My parter Jenni and I stood by the computer in hysterical awe, watching magic done with toothpaste and vegemite.

    You’ve given me lots to play with, with the youtube stuff and clearly I need to buy your material.
    Thanks for some very inspiring and simple teaching. Good ‘ealth. John Warner

  2. Edward. J. Dockery says:

    Would like to buy some of your DVD’S for learning to be a better painter

    Ed Dockery

  3. lenhend says:

    Sorry Ed – have not been here lately – you can see the dvds at http://paintwithlen.com/shop/

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