So! You want to be an ARTIST


Here is my recipe – my Speed-Painting DVDs will show you how to paint – guaranteed – this is how it works.

The lessons start with simple monochrome paintings in brown and white.
Here we practice the brushstrokes and learn which tones produce an eye-catching arrangement.
As we move on we are becoming more confident with our brushstrokes and learning which colors to use and why we use these colors.
After the first few exercises you realize you are learning a system of painting that allows you to freely paint sky, trees, water, grass and anything you wish to paint, you are learning to use the tools. It is a skill you will always enjoy.
By keeping to the few rules of where to place items in a landscape, you can create your own eye-catching arrangements or copy from nature.
    It is a matter of knowing how. I will show you how

Let the DVD lesson play through once so you can hear but no need to watch. This will start you thinking like an artist. Each DVD has a list of colors and things you will need. DVDs SpeedPainting 1 & 2 each have 6 complete paintings. (12 lessons – 4 hours $55)
Oil or Acrylic — Acrylic is best for beginners and children. 

 When you are ready, sit comfortable and start painting a sky, pause the DVD when needed. You will make mistakes, that’s part of learning (you learn what not to do)      Start with small simple paintings

I will guide you every step
By painting many little pictures you will learn quickly. Paint your first few pictures in burnt umber and white, this way you will learn to use the tools without being confused with color.
If you wish, practice painting the separate items, then paint your own arrangements,
‘like assembling a collage’,
It is fun


    These little paintings do sell well.
Small frames are not hard to find (it is easier to paint a picture to fit a frame than to find a frame to fit a painting)
For images of lessons DVD SpeedPainting No1 CLICK HERE
For free online painting lessons CLICK HERE
For list of SpeedPainting DVDs CLICK HERE
For list of PaintWithLen DVDs CLICK HERE
If you are a real beginner for some down to earth tips.

4 Responses to Speed-Painting

  1. Pam Padovan says:

    Len Hend, I have learned more from one of your on line tutorials than from all the workshops I have attended over the years. Relax and enjoy is a great recipe. Thank you.

  2. Carolyn Hill says:

    Hi Len. I just wanted to thank you for your lessons. I have learnt so much and you have been a real inspiration for me. Thank you so much.

  3. Doris Davis says:

    I would like to buy the DVD send veins in the forest! Where can I find this DVD ? Thank you

  4. lenhend says:

    Hi Doris
    That video is available in a collection now selling at http://paintwithlen.com.au – thank you

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