about DVDs Speed-Painting No1

 Over 2 hours of painting lessons.
This complete painting lesson will take you step-by-step through 6 paintings from start to finish.
The first 2 paintings are in brown and white (burnt umber), this is for you to become familiar with the brush strokes without being confused with color.
The third painting is similar to the second, upright and in full color.
We then paint a little cottage in the bush.
A brilliant sunset in the desert and the final scene is a water fall.
These 6 exercises take you through the most common items found in the Australian landscape.

 The 6 lessons are on 2 high quality DVDs, the screen ratio is 16×9 (wide screen) in full color and with dual sound.
On the beginning of the DVD lessons is a list of paints and brushes needed to complete the 6 paintings.
Each step in the lesson is clearly explained and demonstrated.
You will see Len’s every brush stroke.
All 6 lessons have been carefully designed for you to progress with the skills while enjoying the pleasures of completing an attractive landscape painting.
(6 lessons for $37 includes postage)